About Us:

Freelance Motorsports was established in 2005 with the goal of empowering all motorsports enthusiasts with diverse products and support. A successful motorsports company cannot simply rely on available “tried and true” approaches; they must build on past experiences, utilize outside contacts, and provide innovation for the future. We at Freelance Motorsports use an approach that incorporates financial and non-financial measures in an integrated system which links performance measures and strategic goals.

Thankfully we set a large portion of our net income for research and development. With new engine developments internally and externally, we solidify the future and the building reputation of the rotary engine. Even when testing our products failures only fuel the next lead to success; without learning from previous trials one cannot move forward.

Freelance Motorsports doesn’t just provide great products and solutions, we provide consulting to make sure you don’t purchase unnecessary modifications and build an car that doesn’t match its purpose. Our diverse staff has a professional background that allows us to advance beyond the mainstream approach.

We don’t assume you know how to optimize port timing, read turbo compressor maps, or that you even know how to use a boost controller. Instead, we’re with you every step of the way, making you comfortable with our/your equipment and helping you to look like a pro.

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