Billet Race Mini-Battery Kit

Development of this billet race batter kit had two very key criteria to be met; It had to be very lightweight, have the smallest footprint in an engine-bay, and be safe in the case of an accident or rollover (100% SEALED BATTERY).

We chose best material for the job which was 6061-T6. 6061 in its T651 state is a solutionized, stress-relieved stretched and artificially aged aluminum alloy. It's very lightweight and it's very strong in areas of elongation before breaking.

We also chose to work with a large battery company to select a battery that has the most cycle life, smallest footprint, and still be able to last 3-5 years; all while in a racing application. After testing in our own racecars and some of our sponsored customers, we now have secured its longevity claims.

Also included are aluminum battery terminals. Machined of aluminum and with a mil-spec coating to prevent corrosion and increase durability. Aluminum is not only lighter to brass terminals but we chose it as it has twice the electrical conductivity! A lighter and better connection is a win/win and fully justified for racing.

We include all stainless steel hardware and full detailed instructions for safety all while helping for an easier installation.

Battery Specs

720 peak hot cranking amps - 5 seconds
630 peak hot cranking amps - 10 seconds
545 peak hot cranking amps - 20 seconds
18 amp hours
232 CCA
Weight = 10 lbs
Max Charge Current = 2 amps

Packing List

1x 18ah sealed battery
2x Aluminum battery terminals with hardware
1x Base battery mount
1x Top battery mount
2x 1/2"OD spacers
2x 8mm x 1.25 stainless allen bolts
2x 8mm x 1.25 stainless studs
2x 6mm x 1.0 stainless allen bolts







Price: $300.00

Shipping: $17.45

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