13b Viton Engine O-Ring Kit

We consider this the bare minimum/entry level internal soft seal kit. OEM coolant seals can fail after over-heating the engine and become very brittle over time. Encapsulated o-rings that float around the market can fail quicker than OEM seals and are not designed to be compressed.

All of our o-rings are made of durable Viton. Viton resists chemicals, oils, and works in temperature ranges from -15° to +400° F. Many competitors slip in Buna-N and other seals that are low 200° F capable and get damaged by E85 and other race fuels.

As an added bonus we include inner and outer oil control rings. No other competitor includes these. We keep a minimum stock of 10 units as these go out the door quickly. Contents and quantity listed below.


18 Metal Tension Bolt Washers
18 Tension Bolt Washer O-Rings Viton
4 Outer Coolant Seal Viton
4 Inner Coolant Seal Viton
4 Outer Oil Control Ring Seal Viton
4 Inner Oil Control Ring Seal Viton
4 Dowel Pin O-Rings Viton
2 Oil Pedistal O-Rings Viton
1 Front Cover Crossover Flat O-Ring Viton
1 Rear Stationary Gear O-Ring Viton

Price: $200.00

Shipping: $7.50

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