Freelance Motorsports SureSealsTM – Mazda 1986+ RX7 RX8 Coolant Water Seals 13B S4 S5 S6 N326-10-B71A

Gone are the days of fragile/brittle OEM coolants seals, spliced cord-stock that splits, McMaster round o-rings that crack irons, or encapsulated o-rings that rupture and fail. We’re proud to announce the release of our manufactured coolant seals after 6+ years of hard work, for all 1986+ Mazda rotary engine applications in a universal seal kit.

We provide peace of mind by providing the only rotary engine component in the world with a 5-year/Unlimited mileage warranty. We simply wanted to make the best seals with installation ease, best fitment (no overnight bending/forming), the best materials, and the best design. All attributes together make for a 100% compatible OEM replacement part with no compromises.

Each SureSealsTM package includes 4x inner seals, 4x outer seals, 18x Stainless-Steel tension bolt washers, 18x Viton tension bolt o-rings and installation guidelines paper.

Please see below for product specification sheets and installation examples.

Seal kit FINAL DRAFT_Page_1

Seal kit FINAL DRAFT_Page_2

Water coolant seal in action 6


Freelance Motorsports SureSealsTM

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