Tubular Dowel Pin

***Effective March 16th, 2015 all tubular pins will now come with a 7mm internal diameter hole to match front main bearing oil galley inlet*** If you would like a custom inner diameter set made please look at our other items for our 9.5mm diameter hole to accommodate oil modifications made to irons.

Lighter than the solid dowel pins we sell, these tubular dowel pins allow you to have a stronger engine and still use the factory oil circulation through the center of the pins. These tubular pins are precision ground for tighter diameter and straightness tolerance. Each end is beveled for installation aid. After the hardening process the pins are finished to a 10 rms micron finished OD.

These bars retain a softer steel core but offer the tough exterior with hardening layer; a .1mm deep hardened exterior provides a smooth, durable, long-term finish. Furthermore, the exterior is so hard that they cannot be cut with a tempered/hardened band-saw blade! These are cut for the factory irons and rotor housings, if you have lapped irons please contact us; the length of these units are crucial!

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