Billet 13b Oil Pedestal

This product was created to allow for users to expand their oiling systems capabilities. Utilizing a larger oil filter allows for much more filtering area. The 3x 1/8" NPT ports allow for pressure sensors, temperature sensors, and turbo oil feed. Another sophisticated option is to use an ECU pressure sensor to signal fuel cut or cut power to the fuel pump in the event of oil pressure drop, saving the engine from internal damage.

There is a 10an inlet for engines that rely on the feed to the oil pedestal. Most beneficial is a 10an outlet that can be used for oil modifications. For 13b engines you can run a line to your front stationary gear. For 20b applications you can run it to both the front stationary gear and the middle stationary gear.

The pedestal is anodized for use with corrosive race fuels such as c16 and E85.

For and additional fee, we also include 3x 1/8" NPT plugs and the choice of fittings for using 10an oil lines or we can supply block offs for the two ports. Please contact us for special fittings or installation information.

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Price: $125.00

Shipping: $10.00

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