Turbo Oil Regulator

We've found the solution to premature turbo CHRA failure. Typical engine oil pressure only advances to 60psi. Yet many engines start-up oil pressure can be as high as 80-150psi at cold start-up. Ball bearing CHRA's will easily be damaged by this oil pressure and many other bearing setups surely will not appreciate the high stress.

Our valves are machined to handle up to 450psi without failure and use internal components that can handle up 200psi without leaking. With our valve unit we coupled a high temperature liquid filled gauge to allow you to monitor and adjust to your specific climate or more importunity oil weight. From Borg Warner, Garrett, Precision, and other various turbocharger CHRA's we have successfully eliminated smoking at start-up, smoking in high boost, and also smoking on deceleration that's not crankcase pressure related.

Many might look and see a basic ball valve assembly but they would be wrong. A customer of ours decided to replicate our unit with a trip to the plumbing store. Little did he know that the ball valve would start to leak from the adjustment lever and the insides would decay and flow into the inlet of his CHRA. Luckily monitoring and removing the unit prevented failure.

Each turbo typically uses a specific thread pitch or flange adapter for the top of the CHRA. Please contact us for a unit built specific for your turbo.

**For Garrett CHRA's we can supply you with an in-house CNC machined fitting with internal restirctor for an additional $30.

**For CHRA's that have a two bolt flange for oil delivery we can supply you with a billet flange for an additional $10.

**Want a stainless braided -4 oil line that's the proper length? Just add another $20.

Remember, pressure changes with temperature, oil viscosity, and with oil modifications. Extend turbocharger life and prevent oil consumption. Setup instructions are included with each unit assembly.


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oil inlet flange

Price: $125.00

Shipping: $7.50

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