Turbo Upper Intake

You're looking at the only aftermarket bolt on upper intake manifold for the third generation FD3S Rx-7. Many blood, sweat, and years have gone into the design of this manifold; inside and out. From runner lengths, runner volumes, flange revisions, and multiple plenum sizes. We’ve built six prototype units; with this being the BEST performing of the litter. You will NEVER need to port or extrude hone this manifold as it uses the best flowing materials with perfect transitions.

Specifically as with all products manufactured by Freelance Motorsports, this intake manifold is guaranteed for life from manufacturing defects or failure. We advise you to thoroughly read these installation instructions as you WILL BLOW YOUR ENGINE OR HAVE PERFORMANCE ISSUES if you do not install as specified.

Please also take time to entertain any porting issues you may have. The union flange of this intake manifold is larger but centered to the factory UIM/LIM union gasket. For the best flow we suggest porting the factory LIM or any of the other poorly cast aftermarket LIM’s on the market.

Use of a factory gasket is possible if the using the factory lower intake manifold or if ID’s of the gasket are enlarged. We highly suggest the use of a non-hardening gasket maker such as Hylomar. A small amount should be sufficient, over application will just coat runners.

After final machining revisions the intake manifold nets a weight of just under 4 lbs. Included is a 90mm single blade throttle body that weighs just over 2 lbs. With an assembled weight of 6-1/2 lbs we feel it's a win-win for performance and weight savings.




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Price: $1,550.00

Shipping: $25.00

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