VE-R Series Turbo Kits

The VE-R turbo kits are for the serious racer. Only made from the finest stock of 321L stainless steel. Its similar to 304L but lower risk of decay due to addition of titanium. We chose 321L stainless steel as it offers extreme resistance to high operating temperatures. We use it extensively for turbo applications, 321L stainless steel can operate at above 1650 degrees without sacrificing its structural integrity.

Not only are the VE-R manifolds stronger than our standard VE series kits but they're 30% lighter. Our VE-R manifold installed on our race car with ceramic coating weights only 7-pounds! With a strong strength-to-weight ratio if you're serious about racing you must consider the VE-R series.

Pricing below is for our VE series turbo kit. Please inquire with us for pricing on any and all other alternative kits.

$3750 S362 Turbo Kit.

$3750 S366 Turbo Kit.

$4250 S375 Turbo Kit

$4750 Gt35r Turbo Kit.

$4950 Gt42r Turbo Kit.

Optional Add-On's

$300 Ceramic Coated Downpipe

$125 Wastegate Re-Route (each)

$250 Dual 38mm MVS wastegate upgrade from single MVR 44mm wastegate

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