VE Series Turbo Kits

We build turbo kits for road racers, drag racers, and everyday daily drivers. Our VE series is 304L stainless steel construction, meant for racers that strive for consistent quality while not breaking the bank.

Our engineered VE series turbo manifold makes more power, has increased spool, and overall helps the turbo last longer do to it's design. These are not "equal length" manifolds that all the other companies sell. Flame front and gas expansion rates were worked into our formula to collectively work as we coined "velocity efficient."

We are a Borg Warner & Garrett dealer but can supply special requests for other turbochargers in our kits. Normally we stock at least one of each turbo to keep build times to an absolute minimum. Most companies deliver in 6-8 months; our orders range from 2 weeks to a maximum of 7 weeks if we need to order the turbo.

Kits come bolt-on-complete with our ceramic coated VE series turbo manifold, turbocharger, wastegate/wastegates, external vent dump tube/tubes, oil feed line, oil return line, fittings, stainless v-band downpipe, and airfilter. These kits are backed by our lifetime warranty and our performance guarantee (see our rant on our values page).

Pricing below is for our VE series turbo kit. Please inquire with us for pricing on any and all other alternative kits.

$3000 S362 Turbo Kit.

$3000 S366 Turbo Kit.

$3500 S375 Turbo Kit

$4000 Gt35r Turbo Kit.

$4200 Gt42r Turbo Kit.

Optional Add-On's

$300 Ceramic Coated Downpipe

$125 Wastegate Re-Route (each)

$250 Dual 38mm MVS wastegate upgrade from single MVR 44mm wastegate

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