Blueprinted Engines

Every engine built at Freelance Motorsports is blueprinted. Whether it will an OEM spec build or a full race engine, each build includes blueprinting the entire assembly.

Blueprinted engine builds allow for top performance and our unbeatable industry warranty. In this process customers may opt to apply specifications that they have had success with or we’ll apply our specifications that we’ve had success with over many years.

Base Rebuild (all new seals/springs) only oil control rings and bearings reused. Rotor housings are media blasted and ultrasonic cleaned. Removal of old freeze plugs and new freeze plugs replaced. Engine side housings (Irons) are re-coated in an scratch resistant coating; Rotor Housings and Front Engine Cover can be left as bare media finish or painted/coated any color upon customer request. All engines are covered by our 3 year unlimited mileage warranty; the best in the industry.

There are advertise rebuild prices MUCH lower than ours; we call this “rope-in” pricing. More times than many you can and will spend more with other companies and get much less quality or much less services for your dollar. Our base rebuild pricing includes EVERY component needed for a long healthy life.

Rebuild Price
13b Base rebuild $3500
20b Base rebuild $5250
Intake/Exhaust Porting Options Price
Exhaust Sleeve Modification and Housing Plug $50 (per housing)
Small Street-Port Intake (non-portmatched) $200
Medium Street-Port Intake/Exhaust (portmatched block) $450
Large Street-Port Intake/Exhaust (portmatched block) $550
Bye-Bye Port Intake/Exhaust (portmatched block) $650
Half Bridge-Port Intake/Exhaust (portmatched block) $750
Bridge-Port Intake/Exhaust (portmatched block) $850
Semi P-Port Options Price
Semi P-Port (portmatched block) $350
Semi P-Port Freelance Motorsports LIM $850
Small Street-Port $200 Addition
Medium Street-Port Intake/Exhaust (portmatched block) $450 Addition
Large Street-Port Intake/Exhaust (portmatched block) $650 Addition
Bye-Bye Port Intake/Exhaust (portmatched block) $750 Addition
**(Semi P-Port’s only suggested for racing application eg. SCCA, NASA, NHRA, Land Speed)**
Rebuild Optional Modifications Price
*Eccentric Shaft Main & Rotor Lobe Polishing $150
*Rotor Housing Coolant Modifications/Ultrasonic Cleaning $75 (per housing)
*Race Clearance Rotors/Walnut media/Ultrasonic Cleaning $150(per rotor)
*Street Oil Modifications/ Ultrasonic Cleaning $200
*Race Oil Modifications/Front Cover Modification/Ultrasonic Cleaning $300
*One Piece Cryo-Treated Solid Locating Pins & Oil Pedestal Mod. $300
*3mm Rotor Modification/Ultrasonic Cleaning $225 (per rotor)
*Engine Assembly Balancing (Rotors and Eccentric Shaft) $450
Resurface Rotor Housing & Ultrasonic Cleaning Price
Rotor Housing Resurfacing/Ultrasonic Cleaning $150 (per housing)
Race Clearance Rotors & Ultrasonic Cleaning Price
Race Clearance Rotors/Ultrasonic Cleaning $150 (per rotor)
Precision Lapping of Irons & Ultrasonic Cleaning Price
Lapping Side Housing (Iron)/Ultrasonic Cleaning $125 (per face)