Rotor Housing Resurfacing

Formally known as rotor housing resurfacing, many may refer to it as rotor housing boring, rotor housing machining, rotor housing refreshing, and rotor housing repair. Regardless what you prefer to call it, our rotor housing resurfacing technology takes what other companies do to a whole new level. Our procedure not only removes less material (resulting in a rotor housing that retains structural integrity) but a finish when magnified is in proximity of factory smoothness and provides oil retention properties.

Take a look at the pictures. First we have a matching pair of rotor housings that came from a high mileage race motor with aftermarket seals. Any engine builder in their right mind would throw these out! We kept one of the two in it’s natural “glory” just to show in person the difference Freelance Motorsports resurfacing technology can do. The flash increases the look of the tooling cut lines housings.




Next lets compare the company coined the “best in business” process to our machining procedure. In the middle we have a second generation housing that has slight chrome flaking and a decent amount of corner piece wear. On either sides we have two low mileage 3rd generation housings machined by out competition. You choose who has a better resolution (look at those chatter marks from cheap tooling). We prefer to use the expensive American made tooling for our process. It make cost more upfront but it provides a much better end product, removes less material, and aids in better compression (EXCELLENT FOR CERAMICS!).

Don’t forget the competition charges $150 per housing and that’s only if you buy their seals! Our price is $150 per housing. We provide this service for professional engine builders, professional racers, and the average-joe’s rebuilding their engine.




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